Rabu, 26 Mei 2010

Kelly Purwanto and Pelita Jaya Jakarta Esia Aim IBL champions 2010

Who does not know Kelly Purwanto? Players are well known through the skin kepiawainanya play a round with a variety of tricks and style. Eccentric player who has almost 25 tattoos that adorn his body. Yup, Kelly is now a hot topic IBL [Indonesian Basketball League]. Former Point Guard Flexi Club Garuda Bandung [which is now merged with Pelita Jaya Esia since September 2009] was two days ago [Monday, September 14, 2009] officially became a "Property of Pelita Jaya Jakarta Esia".

Event press conference held by the management deliberately Pelita Jaya Esia lasted very fun and full of warmth. The event which took place at Planet Hollywood Cafe was deliberately set coincided with the opening hours of fasting. Food buffet for print and electronic journalists who come into the show when it was closing press conference that was deliberately prepared by the management board [which at the time were seen almost all present]. "This event was deliberately us [the management] to get closer and make silahturahmi to media friends, as well kemabalinya Kelly told the child was missing and some changes that we made in the ESIA Team Pelita Jaya itself," explained Andiko Punomo Ardi , as General Chairman of PB Pelita Jaya Esia.

At the same time also, Pelita Jaya Esia also explained about Ali Budimansyah who has taken his retirement as a professional basketball player and joined the Coaching Staff Team Pelita Jaya Esia. This is all done to sharpen the strategy game in the stronghold of Pelita Jaya Esia. "With Kelly Purwanto expected to play at this club has become more solid and ready to achieve a predetermined target Champion for 2010," adds Rastafari Horongbala, Pelita Jaya Esia coach.

Target, IBL champions 2010! Looks difficult? Why not. With the squad, coaches and management as it is now, not a 'dream in broad daylight' if Pelita Jaya Esia make such targets. Look at the various changes that have occurred and the real things that have been disclosed in terms of building management Pelita Jaya Esia dynasties such as the 1990 & 1991 [when the team managed to become champions Pelita Jaya Kobatama]. "Ranking 5 [five] what we accomplished in the IBL in 2009 is the target we've set for this year, but we will not be complacent in these positions so that we do various improvements to achieve a better target for the upcoming 2010 competition," says Ronald Simanjuntak as Club Manager Esia Pelita Jaya.

Hmmm, sure with all that? Must! There is a saying that "The journey that started miles away from the step" And Pelita Jaya Esia has started the move ..

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